Why You Should Be Excited

Why You Should Be Excited

Prayer is a conversation between a father and a child, between a father and a daughter, between a father and a son. The following are the basics of prayer.
01: Based On A Relationship
A conversation is an exchange of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and gestures and signs between two people known to one another in one way or another. You and God are related through the adoption process via the Holy Spirit when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. John 1:12. In that instant God became your father and you became His Son or His Daughter. When you come to prayer session or anytime you want to prayer, you should bring with you this consciousness that you are just about to have a conversation with your father. Because He is a father He promises to hear you and have fellowship with you.
02: Dialogue
A Conversation is characterized by   a cross exchange between you and God your father. Its not monologue, where only you mumble words and phrases in the air. Consequently, none of you should dominate the conversation. It should be Spiritual, Emotional and mental exchange based on the Father to Child Leverage. There should not be any fear, anxiety, nervousness during prayer. Its based on a love relationship. During prayer time go to God pour out yourself with confidence that God's ears and heart are open and hearkened to your sharing. Understand that God is not intimidated by your honest, and sincerity. He is prepared for it and actually expecting it. In the process you will be emptying yourself of thoughts, feelings, (good or bad). This will be creating space inform of hunger and thirst for what God is about to intimated to you.
03:From The Heart

Prayer is a conversation from the heart. Your heart is the center of all your thought processes, reasoning and sense of life. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh is the principle that guides prayer. Whatever you want to share with God your father, should an outflow from your heart, because God connects with you through your heart. And He Designed you to order your life through talks and actions flowing from your hear. Prayer being a conversation that calls or invites God to intervene in your earthly affairs, or others, should originate from the heart. Psalms 45:1...

04:Based On Mutuality
Common Subject matter is characteristic of an effective prayer. God has an agenda to fulfill on earth and on the lives of men and women created in His image and likeness. For that matter He is ever looking for a person and a heart who can partner with Him to see that agenda fulfilled. As His Child and a Believer, when you come to pray you be aware of that God is looking for a partner in you. You are not on your own. You are His partner on earth, and its when you can decode what He wants accomplished on earth through His Word, would you two be on a mutual ground during the prayer conversation. This is what happens while you are praying you will confessing and proclaiming what He says in His word, and His promise is that (Jeremiah 1:12) He will watch over His word to perform it. As you come for prayer, have you ever premeditated about what you are going to pray about.? Its through prayer that calls things which are not as though they are. Romans 14:17
 05:Natural Man Vs Supernatural God

Its a conversation with the owner of the heaven calling on His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Without prayer God's power, provision, wisdom, and knowledge, stays un-utilized in a believers life.Prayer is inviting the supernatural to invade the natural.

06:Builds Intimacy

Like any conversation, prayer leaves a believer feeling more intimate with God, than before. During prayer you talk to God using His word based on the confidence of Who God is to you. As you speak His word touching on anything your spirit become more aware and conscious of God's deity. The more you pray using the word of God , the more the Greatness and power of God over your situation is magnified and your situation made to look smaller.

07:The Holy Spirit Is The Enabler

The Holy Spirit is the Constant Helper During Prayer. He Constantly and Consistently, Knows the mind of God, so having  Him lead you in prayer is the best Helper You Can Have.

Whats your Experience on Prayer? If you don't mind please share your thoughts below.

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